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Q. Is the assessment paid annually or quarterly?
A. The assessment is billed and collected annually.

Q. How much is the assessment and when is it due?
A. For 2023, it is $240 and is due by March 15.

Q. Is the assessment fee mandatory?
A. It is a mandatory fee used to fund services for the community.

Q. If my house is on the market, should I pay the assessment?
A. Yes, because the closing attorney will collect the assessment fee. If the assessment fee is not paid by the due date, late fees and interest are applied. All accrued late fees and interest are liabilities of the seller and are not prorated at closing.

Q. When is the assessment fee statement mailed out?
A. The assessment fee statements are mailed out in February.

Q. Who should the payment be made out to and where do I send it?
A. Payment information can be found in your mailed statement. If you didn’t receive or lost your statement, please contact us.

Q. What does the assessment fee cover?
A. This fee covers operating expenses, which includes maintenance of grounds including landscaping and irrigation, landscape lighting, snow removal, and community events.

Q. Whom should I contact, if I need additional information regarding the association fee?
A. Please feel free to contact us.


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Q. Are dogs/cats required to be on a leash in Silver Oaks?
A. Pursuant to Metro Ordinance, if you are in your own yard with your puppy or dog, the animal should either be confined in a secure enclosure or accompanied by the owner and under his/her direct control. If you are off premises with a dog, the dog must be restrained by a leash or lead and under the control of a person who is physically able to control the dog. Cats and kittens may only roam freely on the property of their owner.

Q. What can I do about a barking dog?
A. It is best for you to talk with your neighbor about the barking dog, or you can contact Animal Control Services at 502-363-6609.

Q. There is a dead animal on the street, whom do I contact?
A. Please contact Metro Government at 311.

Architectural Review & Approval

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Q. Are there architectural guidelines?
A. Yes, please refer to the DCCR.

Q. What work, changes or additions on my property constitutes
the need for approval by the Silver Oaks Homeowners Association?
A. Any changes listed but not limited to the following constitutes the need for approval by the Silver Oaks Homeowners Association: Arbors, Driveways, Garages, Gazebos, Landscaping, Patios, Playground Equipment, Ponds, Pools, Room Additions, Sidewalks, Siding, Statues.

Q. If I have noticed what may be a violation, whom should I contact?
A. Contact us.


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Q. What is the telephone number for emergency assistance?
A. Dial 911 for emergency assistance.

Q. What is the poison control telephone number?
A. The Poison Control Center number is 502-589-8222.

Irrigation – Islands & Medians

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Q. Whom do I contact when I notice an irrigation head malfunctioning on one of the islands or medians?
A. For problems with a malfunctioning irrigation head on the islands or medians, please contact us.

Lights – Street

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Q. Whom do I contact when I notice a street light out?
A. For replacing street lights contact Louisville Gas & Electric (LG&E). If you call LG&E at 502-589-3500 directly, press the option for business accounts and follow the instructions.


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Q. Are there restrictions regarding mailboxes?
A. There are restrictions regarding the type of mailbox that can be installed throughout Silver Oaks.

Q. Where do I purchase a mailbox?
A. Mailboxes and posts can be purchased at Duggins Co. (502)966-5774

Q. If my mailbox is missing numbers, can I purchase mailbox numbers from the Association?
A. Black and White mailbox numbers can be purchased at Duggins Co. (502)966-5774

Postal Service

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Q. Who is our “home” post office?
A. Jeffersontown Post Office

3801 Billtown Rd

Contact Numbers:
Phone: 502-266-5844
Fax: 502-266-6799
TTY: 877-889-2457
Toll-Free: 1-800-Ask-USPS® (275-8777)

Retail Hours
MondayFriday 8:30am – 5:00pm
Saturday 9:00am – 1:00pm
Sunday Closed

Pickup Services Hours
MondayFriday 8:00am – 5:00pm
Saturday 9:00am – 1:00pm
Sunday Closed

Lobby Hours
MondaySunday 12:01am – 11:59pm

PO Box Access Hours
MondaySunday 12:01am – 11:59pm

PO Box Delivery Time
MondaySaturday 10:00am
Sunday Closed

Property Maintenance

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Q. Whom do I contact if members do not maintain their property?
A. Contact Metrocall at 311 to report.  You may also contact us.


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Q. Is there a neighborhood watch program within the Silver Oaks community?
A. We are trying to start a neighborhood watch, but need volunteers.  Please contact the board if you are interested.

Short-term Rentals

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Q. Can I advertise my home for short-term rentals on sites like AirBNB, VRBO, etc?
A. No, short-term rentals of less than 6 months are not allowed.


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Q. What signs are allowed on the resident’s property?
A. Sale signs, rental signs, and one political sign 30 days prior to an election are the only signs allowed. Check the DCCR for more specific restrictions.

Q. Are contractors allowed to place a sign on property?
A. Contractors are not allowed to place their business signs on property while doing work at the residence.


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Q. Who is responsible for snow removal?
A. The Silver Oaks Homeowner Association has snow removal companies under contract. You can help with the removal of snow by not having your vehicles parked on the street when there is a possibility of snowfall.

Q. Are there restrictions for street parking?
A. There is a deed restriction which refers to street parking. Please see “Article II-Use Restrictions”, Section 2.3 (a-d) located in the Silver Oaks Declaration of Covenants, Conditions and Restrictions found on this website.

Trash, Recycling and Yard Waste

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Q.  Who collects Garbage?
A.  Waste Management is our exclusive vendor for garbage collection.  To set up service call 966-0117

Q. Do I pay for garbage collection?
A. Yes, The Association has negotiated rates with Waste Management.

Q. What day is garbage collection?
A. Garbage collection is on Fridays, unless there is a Holiday within the week. Waste Management should notify you via automated message if the pick-up day changes.

Q. Is recycling and yard waste included in our service?
A. Both are optional services offered by Waste Management.

Q. What day is recycling and yard waste?
A. All pickup are on alternating Fridays (recycling is one Friday and yard waste is the next Friday.)

Q. When should I bring in my trash carts and bins?
A. Trash carts and bins should be brought in the same day of service. The association recommends that residents appoint someone to bring in the cart and/or bin when circumstances arise when the resident is not able to do this him or her self.

Q. Where should trash carts and bins be stored?
A. Trash carts and bins need to be stored out of your neighbors’ view. If carts and bins are kept clean and garbage is properly bagged, odors and bugs should not be a problem when storing them inside your garage.

Q. Whom do I contact for problems with my garbage collection?
A. Please contact Waste Management.  If you have continued problems, please contact us.

Help (Babysitters, Yard Work, Snow Shoveling)

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Q. Is there a list of Silver Oaks neighbors who offer these services to other members within Silver Oaks?
A. Yes, please see our neighborhood Facebook page.  More information to follow.


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Q. Whom do I contact for information service (TV/telephone/internet) in the area?
A. We have multiple providers serving the neighborhood.

– AT&T provides 1Gps fiber internet, as well as telephone and either satellite (Dish) or non-satellite (UVerse) television. They can be reached at 1-888-757-6500.

– Time Warner Cable provides 100Mbps cable internet as well as telephone and cable television. They can be reached at 502-357-4400.

Q. Whom do I contact for electric and gas service?
A. The Louisville Gas & Electric Company is the local utility company and they can be reached at 502-589-1444.

Q. Whom do I contact for water service?
A. The Louisville Water Company provides all of the water service for this area and they can be reached at 502-583-6610.