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Legal Documents

Bylaws of Silver Oaks Homeowners Association, Inc. (Rev. 2/2024) – This document includes who our members are, how we run our meetings and make decisions, and other important information about running the neighborhood.

Silver Oaks Declaration Of Covenants, Conditions and Restrictions – These are the rules our members agree to. Everything from street parking to yard maintenance to fences.

2018 Amendments to the DCCR – In March, 2018 two amendments to the Silver Oaks DCCR were passed by the voting members.

2023 Second Amendment to the DCCR – In May, 2023 a second amendment to the 2018 amendments to the Silver Oaks DCCR was filed.  The 2018 Amendment incorrectly stated the approved amendment to Article V, Section 3 (C)(b).


Request for Board Approval of Changes: Per the Deed Restrictions, members must get Board approval for any change in appearance to their property (e.g. fences, sheds, or changes in landscaping)

Violation Complaint: The Board relies on members to report any violations of deed restrictions. Send this form to the Board if you see something that needs to be corrected.

Rental Property Registration: Renting or leasing of Property within the Subdivision is prohibited unless the owner registers with the Association at least one day before entering into a rental or lease agreement.

Special Areas in the Neighborhood

Our Neighborhood has many different easements and special areas, including landscape buffers, tree preservation areas, woodland protection areas, common areas, and border fences.  It is important that every homeowner know what areas they have or border in their yards, as activity is limited in these areas per metro code (not an HOA thing!).

Common Area Rules – These rules apply to any common areas of the neighborhood

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